Nails & Holes 钉孔🔨 (Ongoing 创作中)
28 4 月 2024


This project is a record of the holes and nails in the walls of the exhibition hall during the three years I worked at Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre. I think this book is about the monotonous and tedious repetitive labour in the art industry. On these nails may have been hung unloved works, award-winning works, works that sold for a good price, works that were used to buy favours, works that were spurned, works that were embarrassing, works that were uplifting, works that were thought-provoking, works that were confusing. No matter what, the frames would be removed, the nails would be pulled out, and the wall would be left with a hole, which would then be filled in, and new nails would be put in place soon after.