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28 4 月 2024





Li Zijian is a lens-based artist who is currently working in a photography art centre.

His photographic practice often focuses on the symptoms of contemporary society, such as states of emergency and regional crises. By recording his immediate encounters, he tries to show how these contradictions become concrete personal experiences. At the same time, he is also deeply aware of the problems photography faces in contemporary society, and is actively looking for breakthroughs. For example, he would like to discuss the material ontology of photography in the digital age, and the fictional attributes of memory itself (works for this part are not yet up to date).

He wants to be a self-sufficient independent artist, but due to the pressure of reality, he can only use his spare time to make photographs and think.

As a curator, he is also trying to make some meaningful projects, but at the moment he can only take care of a series of commissions in the art centre.